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Clyde Ashton

Clyde Ashton

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02/23/14 10:30 AM #1    

Jonathan (Troy) Vealey

Clyde was born February 20, 1965 and passed away on June 23, 2002.


03/03/14 01:53 PM #2    

Kimberly Kempton (Gutierrez)

I loved Clyde he was such a great guy, always had a smile and always cheerful! Here is the address of his obituary:

07/14/14 10:15 PM #3    

Christian Jensen

I'm sorry to realize Clyde passed away. I always liked Clyde and considered him a friend. He went thru a lot his whole life dealing with much of what very few of us could have understood, especially in our youth. I just hope he knew that he was appreciated and valued as a friend.


08/15/14 06:07 PM #4    

Darin Fuller

Clyde Ashton was the one guy I wanted to see most at our last reunion. I can't say Clyde was a friend, but that is completely my fault and my loss. From my recollection, there were many times when Clyde was teased mercilessly by at least one other person that I won't mention, as so much time has passed that it would be pointless and cruel to do so. To my eternal shame, there were times where I was not only witness to it, but a passive, if not active participant. After 20 years I decided that I owed him, at the very least, an apology and and a request for forgiveness. Regretfully, I was too late. On the eve of our 30th reunion, I have vowed to never let that happen again, if it is within my power. And even though I am 30 years too late, I want to publicly say, for my benefit more than Clyde's, that I am truly and deeply sorry. Clyde, you never deserved that treatment, and at least for my part, I promise to never repeat or tolerate such behavior again. I should have stood up for and with you to say, "this is not alright and shallnot be tolerated". I will always regret not getting to know you Clyde, but I will never forget you or the lesson your torment and misery has taught me. Rest in Peace my... Well, just rest in peace. 

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